the road between chiang mai and pai

a super shaky video of clips from the bike drive between chiang mai and pai. don’t watch full screen, it’ll probably make you want to barf. there’s some buffalo about halfway through.


went to pai for a few days with my friend fon. pai’s a small town about 3 or 4 hours north of chiang mai, through the mountains. it was a really nice little place, though overrun by even more farang than there are in chiang mai, hah. it was still really fun, and mostly everyone was really nice.

we rented a motorboke in chiang mai for 4 days, which cost 600 baht (it would’ve cost the same for both of us to buy bus tix to/from). i really enjoyed the ride, but it killed my butt. the scenery was breathtaking! vids later.

some shots from the top of one of the mountains:

there were small herds of buffalo grazing along the roadside:

stopping for food along the way:

some spirit houses on the road side:

a road:

some shots of the pai countryside:

a farm or something:

it’s the dry season here, which means it really really dry. we got into pai after dark, and once the sun set we could see long strips of fire running up and down the mountains and along the road. the flames weren’t huge, maybe 2 or 3 feet high, but it was still pretty crazy to see the jungle on fire. you can see how dry everything is here:

china town area in pai:

a 50s/60s rock band from bangkok at bebop bar:

some guy jammin on harmonica at bamboo bar:

guitar playing at bamboo bar:

can’t remember the name of this place that we ate at a couple of times, but it had really really delicious food, plus some really comfortable seating:

and i think this is all wheat grass or something (plus you can see a spirit house to the left in the picture):


it’s pretty fun riding around on a scooter here. all the motorbikes pass by cars at red lights to get first in line and it’s kind of cool when the light turns and a big herd of motorbikes take off like a swarm of bees.

on the way to wat doi suthep

i would’ve had this stuff up sooner, but i had to find some sort of video editing software (preferably freeware) that enabled frame rate adjustment… surprisingly hard to find! my version of imovie didn’t have it, which was weird since an older version, imovie 6, did. pretty ridiculous. anyway, i got imovie 6 hd which you can download for free if you have imovie 8… so i did. you can get it via this link:
you’re supposed to buy it from apple if you don’t already have imovie 8 or something.

anyway, here’s a video of our scooter ride on huay kaew rd towards doi suthep (the mountain) to see wat doi suthep (the temple on the mountain):

our scooter kind of crapped out on us on that last big hill… right after we passed and ignored a sign that advised us to use the lower gear. it was ok though, we just pushed it up about 10 feet past the steepest part and started it right back up again! the scenery was amazing. we were also driving really slow. the traffic actually isn’t as terrifying as i thought it would be – people here seem to have a really good handle on their driving skills, and there’s doesn’t seem to be much in the way of road rage. nobody honked or yelled at us, even if they had to wait a little bit to get by us on the one lane road down the mountain.

we stopped at a lookout point on the way up for a great view of chiang mai city:

on the way back, we stopped at a different place and got a nice night view of the city:

and we’re not stupid, so we were wearing helmets:

(although i guess the matching shirts do make us look kind of dumb… you’re supposed to keep your arms/legs covered when you visit a temple, plus it gets kind of chilly on the mountain, and these were the only long sleeve shirts we had, damn it.)


we got a scooter! $80USD/mo, or $6USD/day. i tried driving it around a little in this empty ally near our apartment but i’m not very good with it. it’s i’m fine with shifting, it’s just weird using my hand to speed up and slow down. shaun’s a lot better at it, so he’s the driver! driving around the city isn’t hard, there’s usually a lot of traffic so people can’t go fast.

tuk tuk

just a little snippet

tuk-tuk & red taxi