in chiang mai, seeing an elephant doesn’t mean you’re drunk (necessarily)

so there’s this cluster of bars really close to where we live… it’s pretty cool, there’s always live music in one or more of them, and the people are really laid back. there’s a ton of alt 90s music, which is excellent (anyone who knows me know i have grown weary of the retro 80s crap that’s been going on since the 80s ended… enough is enough! bring on another decade for crying out loud! anyway…). it really brings me back to when i first was getting into music, lots of nostalgia and whatnot. me and shaun went and got more than a few chang beers there the other night. we were sitting outside and a baby elephant came up! it was so awesome, though i did feel kind of bad for the little guy, walking around the city. apparently some elephant handlers bring their elephants out at night and get people to buy sugar cane off of them to feed them. it was pretty cool to just see an elephant hanging out though. we didn’t get a picture, but i’m sure we’ll see more. rad! we danced for the rest of the night to the band playing inside. it was really fun, but the next morning i felt like that elephant had come home with us and sat on my head all night. it was worth it though.

more spirit houses

so i think i’ve figured out the little shrine/spirit houses thing – there’s usually two little houses, the smaller one is for the landlords (figurines representing the landlords are inside of the house) and is usually smaller, and the bigger one is for a statue of a god or spirit or something. the colors of the houses vary on the landlord’s birth month. pretty cool!