finally got a camera

this is the view from our balcony:

the view from our balcony

doi suthep

it’s the mountain that the temple wat doi suthep is on, and is to the west of our apartment so we get to see the sun set over the temple and the mountain. as far as i can tell, there’s always clouds around the mountain, and it looks like it rains a lot… sometimes the rain clouds will make their way down to the city, which cools it right down!


wrote a letter to andrea, here’s part of it about some animals and stuff in chiang mai:
there’s a lot of smiling at people and nodding/bowing, it’s not too bad not being able to fully communicate with everyone. there’s actually a ton of expats here, and a lot of the locals speak decent english, or at least enough to communicate what they want. people here are really friendly for the most part. we went out to this bangin’ irish pub last night, and afterwards to this small rasta-themed bar. rasta stuff in america is kind of annoying, but it actually fits in here pretty well! probably has to do with the climate or something. there was a band that was playing all these american covers, really well actually. there was some green day, bob marley (obviously), celine dion, blur… it was a pretty good selection. i love how there aren’t really any walls around, everything is really open. this guy wandered in from somewhere and played the bongos for a few songs and then wandered off, and a dog wandered in and wandered off. there’s a lot of stray cats and dogs around, and most of them seem friendly enough… at least not vicious. i think people here just get an animal and stick a collar on it and let it wander around the city, and leave food for it outside. it’s kind of cool in a way, the animals seem to have a really good tempermant from being around so many people all the time, but none of them are neutered so i could see how that would create a problem. i also saw an elephant walking down one of the main roads the other day, it was crazy! there’s geckos EVERYWHERE, and i’ve only seen one cockroach since i’ve been here (probably not many roaches on account of the lizards). the geckos are sooooo cute! i tried catching a baby one the other day but it eluded me. i did manage to grab it’s tail, which of course came off and was twitching around and gross.