another letter to jess

wrote jess another letter, just gonna be lazy and copy/paste it here:
so we got our first apartment in a place called the khumsiphaya grand hotel… i’m just going to copy and paste what i posted on facebook instead of typing it all out again: it’s a studio apartment, about 400sqft… my last place (in wilmington) was 450sqft, but i had a ton of furniture and such so this place actually feels bigger. 3rd floor, king sized bed, cable tv, wifi, balcony that looks out onto the mountains, decent sized bathroom, high ceilings, a lockable drawer (for valuables), aircon, cieling fan… plus they clean the room and give you fresh linens twice a week. it’s pretty cool! AND you rent from month to month, so if we somehow find a better place we can leave. supposedly electricity can run up to $70USD/month more, if you run the aircon a lot (which we probably will). still, very affordable! the neighborhood seems really awesome too. we were staying at a b&b just down the soi (avenue). there’s lots of really bitchin’ restaurants and such really close by.

i’m going to try to buy a guitar here within the next week! they seem to run between $50 and $150, depending on where you go. i’m going to try to find a cool one, and resist the urge to get another black guitar. i’m also going to try to find some velveeta mac and cheese, but i’m not hopeful… there’s a pretty good grocery store in the central mall, i think if anyone would have it they would. i’m also going to try to find my brand of hair dye, but once again, not counting on it. there’s a lot of hair gloss here, not much hair dye. we also need to get a hot plate, wok, and probably a microwave for our apartment. they don’t have kitchens in their apartments around here, and definitely no ovens. that’s ok though, i suck at cooking anyway… so long as i can boil noodles i’ll be a-ok!

all the showers are different too, they’re just part of the bathroom, like there’s a hose from the wall that hooks into an electric heater box and you just shower right next to the door and toilet and everything! it’s kind of cool though, the bathrooms are built for that so you can just hose everything down if you wanted to, no power outlets or anything. i guess it’s because most of the places were built without showers.

whew! man am i happy to not have to haul my luggage around for at least another month. the transportation is super easy to flag down around here. there are these red trucks with benches in the back that work as taxis, you ask the driver which direction he’s going in and if he’s going where you want, you just hop on until he passes where you want to get off, then you push this little button on the roof and he stops. it’s less than 50 cents USD a ride, and you share with other passengers. if you want a private one to take you wherever, it costs about $1.50USD. there are these things called tuk-tuks that are kind of like rickshaws but with a motor. those run under $2USD depending on the time of day and distance, and they’ll take you anywhere. they drive really crazily a lot of the time, weaving in and out of traffic. pretty much everyone here drives like that, within inches of each other. i’m amazed there aren’t any wrecks… at least none that i’ve seen yet.

not much news from the future… i think it might rain. haha